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A Better Shade of You in JUST 6 Minutes with our Sunless Tanning Booth.

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Sunbeds and Stand Up Sunbeds.

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Great for birthdays, Xmas, fathers-mothers day, valentines day …. And any other day you wish to gift that special person

Gift vouchers can be used on all tanning treatments as well as being redeemable against our selection of top quality accelerators and bronzers


Will I be shown the process before stepping into the Opus 4 Spray booth?

Yes, a member of staff will show you the steps to take. During the process assuring voice instructions will again guide you through each step of your tan.

Do I have to prepare my skin?

Yes, you should make sure you remove any unwanted hair and exfoliate your skin the night beforehand, ensuring you have no creams,  perfumes or jewellery on your skin.

Will I go orange?

No, you can choose between 4 shades of tan in the Opus 4 spray booth –  light, medium, dark, extra dark all of which produce an envious colour which people will want

How long until I start to see a colour after using the sunbeds?

Depending on your skin tone it usually takes around 5 tanning sessions to start seeing results.

Is it important to use creams?

Yes, not only do they help the longevity of your tan, they also help you tan better, as moisturised skin tans better than dry skin.

I have problem skin, will the sunbed help this?

Yes, using a solarium helps clear skin conditions such as eczema and acne.

About Me

Karen has lived and worked in Caister for many years. Always realising that people want to look and feel good she has decided to open a sunbed and automated spray tanning studio.

Karen has spent many hours designing and creating a comfortable and modern Tanning Studio that she hopes people of all ages will enjoy visiting.